Seen a payment to Hailie Limited?

Hailie Limited operates a number of payment and provisioning solutions for a number of brands, Payments will be made to Hailie Limited and will appear on your Bank, Card or PayPal statement as Hailie Limited. All payments will be displayed in your billing portal in real-time. For more information, Please call 01278 265 026 or email

About Hailie Limited

We oversee the commercial and/or operational interests of our affiliated clients & brands. We're a resilient and resourceful, family owned business based in the South West of England, providing an outstanding level of customer satisfaction.

We work with you to overcome those operational challenges by outsourcing elements to reduce overall expenditure and drive ultimate efficacy. Using technology, We're able to automate processes whilst strengthening security across the operation.

Whether you require an online payment solution for customers to pay you or an automated number plate recognition solution to
manage your land. We're experienced in the design, build and operational task's, providing you collaboration and the very best support throughout.

Get in touch today by calling 01278 265 026 or emailing