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From software in the cloud through to hardware in the ground  

WestWiFi, a trading style of Hailie Limited. We started providing wireless broadband following 5 years of research and development, testing equipment and pushing the limitations of our technology. We launched in February 2018 serving a small community in Watchet with superfast broadband with speeds up to 50Mbps.

With it’s success, we began deploying our network to more areas, testing speeds of up to 100Mbps and developing a new smart home phone system. By reinvesting all our profits, we were able to grow some more, trialing up to 300Mbps broadband and offering businesses and small enterprise more choice in terms of speed, quality, resiliency and disaster recovery.

As part of a major £30,000 investment for network upgrades, we’re pleased to say their on track to go live in August 2020, we quickly started designing and planning the perfect network to connect our Taunton POP’s (points of presence’s) out across the moors towards Street & Glastonbury. 

In May 2020, we finalised an acquisition of SWWISP, a competitor operating in West Sedgemoor, which compliments our coverage around Somerset and is due to be upgraded in August 2020 too. 

Then Covid-19 reached the UK and we started suffering supply chain delays and workforce reductions. In response, we’re pleased to announce as of June 2020, we’ve signed a new lease on a new office to accommodate planned workforce growth with a planned two full time and three part time roles being created shortly. 

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