Crafting new technology solutions for SME & Start-Up’s.

Welcome to Hailie, the technology kick starter.
We design, build and supply technology solutions for small business and start-up’s who could benefit from having the latest technology without the high capital expenditure. Our highly competitive range is designed to help with order handling and ecommerce websites through to advanced network connectivity and computing power. The possibilities are endless. 

We put forward industry leading methods using the very latest technology, provide realistic cost projects and even partner with your business to meet its technology beneficial objectives. From inspirational local business to community driven partnerships, we’re ready to assist you and your business. 

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We work with a number of different businesses providing a wide range of solutions, such as

  • Farmshop & Retail Systems & Security
  • Fixed Wireless Access Networks
  • Online Ordering & eCommerce
  • Fast Food Delivery Platforms
  • Car Park Enforcement & CCTV Solutions
  • Office & Workshop Networks
  • Phone & Mobile PBX Systems
  • eBilling & Card Processing
  • Website & Marketing
  • Property & Rental 
  • Hotel & Caravan Connectivity
  • Internet & Network Security 
  • App Development
  • WordPress Management
    + Much More

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Billing & Card Processing Solutions

We provide solutions for payment processing from one off credit or debit card through to recurring monthly direct debit.  Our high secure system is available for outsourced billing solutions and bespokely installed for self-hosted systems.

Ultimately, we provide an end to end solution – joining the invoicing system, audit control and third party payment processor such as Stripe, PayPal or GoCardless – encompassed in an industry leading security solution design to protect each component in the event of malicious access. This meticulously separates the critical data, handles encrypted API calls and ensures an automated process when processing payments. 

If your not a customer and you have noticed a payment made to Hailie Limited on your bank or card statement, it might be a payment we have collected on behalf of one of our clients through our system. Please call 01934 310013 ( 8am – 8pm) to verify a payment or if you have any questions or concerns. 

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