Case Studies

Project: Fibre to the Home
One of our first jobs was to install ducting and drawcord to 24 homes on a new build in Henbury, Bristol. Our team of 3 completed the work in a single day, thanks to the site being almost empty due to subzero temperatures – all day.

Project: Network Security
We installed a redundant quad WatchGuard firewall solution using PfSense for a small office in Bridgwater to stop instructions, alert managers and control all IP traffic across the network. If one failed, another would takeover the network load causing no loss of service. 

Project: Rural CCTV
We installed a number of CCTV units connected to custom built solar/battery packs with wireless connection back to base, meaning these CCTV units could be moved and relocated with ease.

Project: Broadband Network
Our biggest project to date, to setup and develop a wireless broadband network for consumer and business use. With current speeds are 100Mbps and trials of 300Mbps due to be completed soon, We’re also exploring 1Gbps connectivity with ranges of over 5 miles.

Project: Ordering Portal 
We build an ordering portal for a fast food delivery outfit, providing them a platform to manage their orders and connect remotely while on the move. We used opensource software, bespokely designed around their branding. 

Project: Website & Payment Portal
We’ve designed a few websites, however our website uses a number of opensource, premium and custom built elements to incorporate a full functional and secure billing, ordering and support website. 

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