We provide technical solutions for your business, learning and understanding what makes your business tick. We develop ideas, create trials and implement improvements in order to make business better. Whether technology can save time or add security, our solutions are bespoke and crafted around your business and your team. 

We use a methodical and meticulous design flow, staging your solutions prior to approval.  This means we can iron out any bugs and end up with a smooth transition. Whether its a small task or a large project, we’ll provide project management so your always in the loop. 

Where funding is an issue, we can provide multiple cost strategies and work with you to get started. Overall, technology doesn’t have to be expensive.  

Computer & Server Systems
Local Networks & CAT5/6 Cabling
Wireless & Wide Area Networks
CCTV & Phone Switchboards
Tills, EPOS & Touchscreen units
Printing & Visuals
Sound & Multimedia 
AI & Cloud Technology

Billing & Invoicing 
Accountancy & Payments
eCommerce & Retail 
WordPress Content Management
Windows & Linux Applications
Full Stack PHP Development
Software Licencing
Data Backup & File Replication

Outsourced Billing & Payments
Outsourced Tech Support
Outsourced Network Engineers
Broadband & Connectivity
Hosting & Domain Names
+ More

From the very start, we listen, understand and learn about your project and what’s needed, what’s not and where it’s going. If it meets our criteria, we’ll provide full or part funding where required. so we can start discussing third parties, what to watch out for and assist you with the point in the right direction. 

Fair Priced Solutions
If the cost’s are escalating and it appears its unaffordable, we can take your project on board and set our team on it, creating a solution which meets X Y and Z without costing the earth. We might not be able to provide everything needed, but we’ll have a rough idea what we’ll need and where to find it, putting out decade of experience to its test. 

On the Curve
If your business requires computing power, we can provide local virtual machines with 3.8Ghz Intel Skylake cores & NVMe Solid State Local Storage. Perfect for high resource or intensive processing of data like AI over Cloud servers. 

That’s not all we do, we’re open minded about our solutions, taking a serious look at the objectives and how we can make technology shine. 
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