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Hailie Limited setup the following brands to showcase our work and what we can do. WestNetworks Innovations has grown rapidly and is becoming our success story with demand growing ten-fold. We’re fueling many other small businesses, enabling a low cost channel to compete with their online rivals. Please see our brands below:

Pay Monthly Website Design

We provide start-up businesses and SME great value web design solutions with infrastructure included. We fix broken websites rescuing potentially lost time, effort and investment. 
We work mainly with WordPress and other PHP based applications. We can provide load balanced, optimised storage on superfast servers in the UK or US. Security audits and general maintenance contracts. 

Brand:  WestNetworks Innovations Limited
We launched a number of internet service provider brands encompassing multiple technologies to provide unique and diverse delivery networks. Trading as WestWiFi, West-Wire & WestFibre to provide faster internet access throughout the UK, helping disadvantaged homes and businesses get access to better, faster, cheaper broadband. 

Brand: eBadger
We’ve launched a direct-to-customer retailer with a small fulfillment service in trial. Initially setup for our ISP supply chain, the solution can be used for any number of boxed pick, pack, dispatch and logistical requirement. Trials range from smaller items like Tools to heavier items like White Goods. Please contact us for more information.